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Every day you take around 20,000 breaths.

The struggle for breath is a struggle for life...

BreStem Therapeutics

Helping Patients Breathe Better



BreStem is a clinical stage biotech company working to fight deadly lung diseases through stem cell and exosome therapies. The company’s lead candidate BRS101(autologous lung spheroid cells) has gained FDA approval as the world’s first IND using intrinsic lung-derived cells to treat pulmonary conditions. The company’s second candidate BRS201 (lung spheroid secretome/exosome) is currently at the preIND development stage.

Revolutionizing Stem Cell


Exosome Therapy

Diverse Product Platforms with Broad Therapeutic Potential

We are leading the lung regeneration revolution with diverse product platforms encompassing cell therapy, bioengineering, and smart nanotechnology - providing us with the potential to treat, and hopefully cure, a broad range of serious life threating diseases.

Lung Spheroid Cell Therapy
Secretome & Exosomes
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